‘Friends’ and ‘family’ were at the forefront as everyone gathered for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House of the A. J. Letizio Enterprise Center on Friday, September 6, 2019. President, Al Letizio, Jr. has an innate ability to make everyone feel like you are his best friend, as was the case as he thanked everybody for their support for making this impressive project come to fruition. He pointed out a project like this could only come together with the collaborative efforts of a lot of great professionals.

Al introduced many people who are near and dear to his heart and said they are what this project is all about. “If you are here, you are someone very special to me and to my family and to our enterprise here.” He especially thanked his wife Patti, sons Adam and Nick, father Al and the rest of his family for sharing this special moment with him.

Scattered throughout were team members of the A. J. Letizio family dressed in white. He said, “We have a great A. J. Letizio Management team and our team members have come in from across the United States to be here.” He explained this is the first time they could fit everyone in one building.

Al provided a little history, stating it has been 107 years since the Letizio family embarked in the business with a meat market in Lawrence in 1912. Al said, “Thirty-one years ago my wife and I founded this company, A. J. Letizio Sales and Marketing. Nineteen years ago, we first moved our business to this location to a small building that was on this spot. We are very mindful of where we are today, of our family legacy and what got us here, yet we don’t live in the past, we live focused on and prepared for our future.” Al explained they want to be consistent, reliable and resolute and have been over the past 30 years, using the same logo, being under the same ownership and still working with many of the same clients.

Al lives by the same philosophy his dad has lived by, with the quote, “A man does not build a business – A man builds an organization – An organization builds the business.”

As he closed his remarks, Al said, “Working with this great team has been the absolute honor of my career.” A round of applause was given for all in white who contributed to the success of the business.

Father Brian Kennedy from St. Matthew’s Church provided the blessing. Governor Chris T. Sununu extended a ‘huge congratulations! He heard this facility will rival as one of the top-notch office buildings in the state! He said, “It is incredible!” Governor Sununu spoke on this being his community and the incredible developments, with Joe (Faro – Tuscan Village) in Salem, and Woodmont Group in Londonderry. He noted that southern New Hampshire is the gateway to the most business-friendly state in the northeast and it is a huge responsibility for Windham and Salem to take on. “What the Letizio family has done has really been the tip of the sphere,” said Sununu. He told Al and his family that when you come across the border, one of the first things you see is the tower and that’s a great source of pride and that’s a great success story.